The Healing Presence Journey

The Healing Presence Journey is a powerful technique developed by Jeremy to help release emotional pain, trauma and suffering. While facilitating the Healing Presence Journey, Jeremy projects his awareness into the emotional body of the client, introducing the light of consciousness (or presence) to their subconscious emotions. This process assists with the release of negative emotions and disempowering beliefs that hold us back from experiencing greater peace, happiness and freedom.

We all go through traumatic and challenging experiences that give rise to disempowering beliefs and painful emotions. Unable to consciously process our painful experiences, these harmful beliefs and emotions are pushed into the subconscious mind; and though they are out of our awareness, they still greatly impact our health and wellbeing.

Our emotional wounds are typically comprised of several layers of various emotions. Even though someone might appear to be angry on the outside, it’s often the case that their anger is covering up sadness, fear, shame and other negative emotions. Much in the same way, what seems like a bad habit, addiction or anxiety pattern on the surface is often not the “problem” but rather a symptom of deeper subconscious emotional discord. And so to fully overcome our emotional pain and suffering, it is critical to address issues at the level of the subconscious.

Introducing consciousness or presence to subconscious beliefs and emotions is profoundly healing. In the Healing Presence Journey, Jeremy brings together the light of consciousness, empathic connection and intuitive energy work to offer clients a deep emotional and energetic cleanse. While facilitating the process, Jeremy spends time at each layer of emotion that is affecting the client, offering presence and acting as a conduit through which the emotion can be felt, processed and released.

The Healing Presence Journey provides a unique opportunity to see core emotions mirrored back to you, offering deep insights into the old beliefs and patterns holding you back. The healing benefits of this process can be powerful.

Sessions can be done face-to-face or remotely via Skype, which is just as effective.


What people are saying about The Healing Presence Journey:

“I admit that I was very hesitant to book my Healing Presence Journey with Jeremy. I had seen him several times before for hypnotherapy sessions to help me heal some childhood wounds, well, I guess they were more like adulthood beliefs based on childhood wounds. That work with him was phenomenal -bringing about inner peace and change in so many areas where I had struggled.

When he mentioned his Healing Presence Journey offering, I immediately thought –ugh, nope, that’s way too much for me. As I sat with that information for a few days, I realized, what was coming up for me was a fear of realizing my true emotions, a fear of really understanding myself, and a fear of being vulnerable.

Because I’m committed to this journey of self-discovery and self-transformation, because I really want to heal, I booked the session. I’ve done a lot of healing work and I have to say this was the most transformative individual session I’ve ever done. Self-doubt, feelings of being unsafe and misunderstood have plagued me for my lifetime, impacting relationships, career and the ability to be truly happy. In the session, Jeremy acted as a mirror of me, describing layer by layer my emotions, my frustrations, the innermost fears and beliefs that I didn’t even consciously know were there. Yet with every word he spoke, I knew in my soul it was the truth.

For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel alone. Somebody finally understood me. It was the most validating, compassionate, gently transforming experience I’ve ever had. Since that session, I have been able to identify those feelings and fears when they come up and rather than dismiss them or judge myself for them, I allow them and I provide them—myself—with as much compassion as Jeremy did that day. Thank you Jeremy for your beautiful gift and the love, kindness and truth with which you offer it!!!!”

-Emily P- Redondo Beach, CA

“Jeremy has a completely unique process for facilitating emotional transformation. I’ve had the honour of working with him on a few separate occasions, and I’ve never experienced anything like his process. Though it’s “new”, it feels completely safe and intuitive to my entire being. I feel he really tunes into me, and consistently asks for permission before jumping into any heavy work which has created an atmosphere of deep trust. He is an incredible channel and as he reflects what I’m processing, I feel the light of awareness penetrating through the layers of my emotional body.

Above all, this process feels so genuine. I can feel the depth of care and precision Jeremy has for this work, yet at the same time there is a lightness that I am left with. Though there is this feeling of safeness and being held, I have exited the process feeling more empowered and aware of my various layers. I highly recommend working with Jeremy for anyone who wishes to awaken to fixed/stagnant parts of their being, or if you just want to move forward in some way. ”

-Liv R., Boulder, CO


“Experiencing a Healing Presence Journey with Jeremy is exactly that, an experience.  It is hard to put into words, but I promise you it is worth the experience.  It is an opportunity to meet yourself one emotion at a time in an outside, physical manifestation.  This brings perspective and diffuses the emotions for clearer observation by providing distance from them.  It is similar to the clarity we have about an issue a friend or family member may be having and asking us to discuss with them.  It is much easier to see clearly when it is not our own issue.  Watching Jeremy cycle through our own emotions is like watching a friend cycling through their own emotions.  In addition, the emotions are worked through with a combination of energy work done by Jeremy and the awareness created by witnessing the otherwise hidden emotions.  There is great comfort in connecting with Jeremy.  I had the feeling of being seen and understood by another human being so fully and completely.  It was a shared healing, and it was beautiful.  I didn’t have to face it all by myself.  I felt surrounded by tremendous support and love.  Thank you Jeremy for your work!”

-Kristin G., Palos Verdes Estates, CA



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