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The Daily Now Podcast is serving up deep insights on the nature of mindfulness, personal development, emotional health and the subconscious mind and featuring daily guided micro-meditations designed to soothe your mind, boost your well-being and help you relax into your fullest and brightest potential Now. Join our host, award-winning hypnotherapist and integrative life coach Jeremy Stillman for a quick deep dive into accessing the incredible power of your Now moment, again and again. Each episode, we’ll explore topics like consciousness, meditation, releasing stress and anxiety, relationships and personal growth as well as lead you through a guided micro-meditation to supercharge your day with greater clarity, peace, and self-awareness — all in less than 15 minutes! So go ahead and have a listen, if you have the time — and if you don’t have the time, listen twice!

Heart Versus Mind

December 24, 2020

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